Yoga Videos (467)
Yoga Videos (467)

The producers felt that 24 would be good for the audience, to really get to know who these 12 and 12 are.
The more auditions you go on, the more you will learn not to take it personally.
The cool part of being an entertainer is getting the opportunity to get your feet wet in all areas.
Simon would not want to audition in front of Simon.
Simon drives me crazy. We are still arguing.
I’m working toward a CD that will have all of you dancing like crazy.
My job, I think, is the hardest job out of all the judges because I am the only one that is a performer.
When people expect me to go right, I’ll go left. I’m unpredictable.
Thousands of kids and parents come up to us and say, How do we get better as a singer?
I am in Toronto, shooting a movie for NBC.