Speak With Confidence

Sweaty hands, beating heart, and nerves up the wall. These can be common symptoms for someone who does not like or enjoy speaking in public, even if it is on a topic that they really enjoy.

This can make it hard to even get up to the front to deliver the speech.

With one bad experience in public speaking, it is easy for everything to go downhill.

You convince yourself that public speaking is horrible and you are just bad at it. Rather than learning some of the tips to make public speaking better, you hide right in and give up on learning techniques and skills that will make your public speaking skills better.

With this video course you can level up your confidence speaking in front of people so you can captivate and influence.

Topics covered:

5 Best Breathing Techniques to Calm Speaking Jitters
5 Secrets for Sounding Confident
5 Tips for Settling Nerves Before the Big Pitch
5 Vocal Exercises Public Speakers Swear By
5 Ways to Recover After Bungling Your Words
How to Demand the Room as an Introvert

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