Yoga Videos (264)
Yoga Videos (264)

I kinda see my current position like this: Hereโ€™s your five minutes in the toy store, so you gotta do all the good movies you can before โ€˜Chuck Wooleryโ€™ rings the bell.
Nobody I represent is pretending to be the pope or a role model for young people. People have to live their lives. They have the right to smoke if they want.
All I do, really, is go to work and try to be professional, be on time and be prepared.
Everyoneโ€™s entitled to express their political beliefs. I donโ€™t presume to tell anybody who to vote for. I am comfortable telling people what my opinions are.
God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding youโ€™ll know Iโ€™ve lost all my money.
I feel like fame is wasted on me.