Yoga Videos (233)
Yoga Videos (233)

Fortunately, both television adaptations and the film Iโ€™ve been involved with are pieces of work that Iโ€™m proud of, so Iโ€™m very happy for people to focus on them.
Clearly any film company that makes a film is always going to talk about sequels particularly if they see something as being successful, which Werewolf was.
I have a huge respect for writers and realise that this is not an area that I find easy. I doubt that I would have the patience in front of a blank sheet of paper to become a writer.
I hope I presented what I felt the woman seemed to be about, but I couldnโ€™t give any reason as to why she remained in the relationship other than that their relationship was very special.
I was really glad to meet Jane Clark because it did give me an insight. I couldnโ€™t imagine what kind of woman she was. I was hugely impressed by her energy, straightforward nature and enthusiasm for life.
Iโ€™ve done both theatre and film and the fact is if you start believing, if you start reading things and theyโ€™re good reviews โ€“ you believe that and youโ€™re lost, and then you read bad reviews and you think thatโ€™s true and you read that and youโ€™re lost.