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Ellen Saint is a former Czech adult film actress known for her work in the adult entertainment industry. Here is some information about her:

  1. Early Career: Ellen Saint was active in the adult film industry during the mid-2000s. She gained popularity for her performances in various adult films during that time.
  2. Pseudonym: Like many performers in the industry, Ellen Saint used a pseudonym for her adult film work to maintain privacy.
  3. Career in Adult Films: Ellen Saint appeared in a number of adult films, often working with various production companies in Europe and the United States.
  4. Awards: She received recognition in the industry and was nominated for several awards during her career.
  5. Retirement: Ellen Saint’s career in the adult entertainment industry was relatively short, and she retired from performing in adult films.
  6. Privacy: It’s important to note that Ellen Saint, like many adult film performers, may have chosen to keep her personal life and details private.

Please keep in mind that the information available about individuals in the adult entertainment industry may be limited, as many performers choose to maintain a level of anonymity and privacy.