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Dawn Marie Psaltis is an American actress, nurse and a retired professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet. She is perhaps best known for her appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling and the SmackDown! brand of World Wrestling Entertainment under her ring name Dawn Marie.

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Dawn Marie Psaltis, known professionally as Dawn Marie, is an American retired professional wrestler and valet. Here is some information about her wrestling career:

  1. Early Career: Dawn Marie began her wrestling career in the late 1990s, initially working for various independent promotions. She gained experience and recognition on the wrestling circuit.
  2. ECW: Dawn Marie is perhaps best known for her time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where she worked as both a wrestler and a valet. She was involved in various storylines and feuds during her tenure in ECW.
  3. WWE: Dawn Marie later signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly WWF) in 2002. She continued to work as a valet and manager and was involved in storylines with various WWE Superstars.
  4. Notable Feuds: One of Dawn Marie’s most notable storylines in WWE was her feud with Torrie Wilson. Their feud included a controversial angle where Dawn Marie claimed to have married Torrie Wilson’s father, leading to various confrontations and matches.
  5. Retirement: Dawn Marie retired from professional wrestling in 2005. She later appeared in a few wrestling-related events and conventions.
  6. Personal Life: After retiring from wrestling, Dawn Marie became involved in various charitable activities and founded the β€œWrestlers Rescue” organization, which aimed to assist retired professional wrestlers with medical expenses.

Dawn Marie had a notable career in the world of professional wrestling, known for her work in both ECW and WWE. While she may not have reached the same level of fame as some other wrestlers, she made an impact during her time in the industry.