Angelica Bridges

Angelica Bridges is an American actress, model, and singer. She was given a pictorial spread in Playboy magazineโ€™s November 2001 issue and featured as the issueโ€™s cover model. In 2017, she competed on the first season of FOXโ€™s reality game show Kicking & Screaming with her survivalist partner Hakim Isler.
Angelica Bridges
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Angelica Bridges is an American actress, singer, and model. She was born on November 20, 1970, in Harrisonville, Missouri, USA. Here are some key points about her career:

  1. Modeling: Angelica Bridges started her career as a model and gained recognition for her stunning looks. She appeared in various magazines and worked as a swimsuit and lingerie model.
  2. Acting: She is perhaps best known for her role as Taylor Walsh in the TV series โ€œBaywatch.โ€ She appeared in the show during its second season (1997-1998) and was known for her characterโ€™s beauty and tough demeanor.
  3. Music: Angelica Bridges also pursued a career in music. She was a member of the pop group Strawberry Blonde, which released an album titled โ€œA Song for Youโ€ in 2001.
  4. Other TV Appearances: In addition to โ€œBaywatch,โ€ Bridges has made appearances in various other television shows, including โ€œThe Bold and the Beautiful,โ€ โ€œMystery Men,โ€ and โ€œThe Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.โ€
  5. Charity Work: Angelica Bridges has been involved in charitable activities. She has supported organizations that focus on childrenโ€™s health and well-being.