Amanda Harrington

Desperate Scousewives is a British scripted-reality television series based in Liverpool. … Amanda Harrington; Elissa Corrigan; Gill O’Toole; Debbie O’Toole …
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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Amanda Harrington is a British model and reality TV personality. Here are some key points about her:

  1. Modeling Career: Amanda Harrington has worked as a model and is known for her striking looks and distinctive appearance. She has been featured in various fashion and beauty campaigns.
  2. Reality TV: Amanda Harrington gained public attention through her appearances on reality television shows. One of her notable appearances was on the British reality series β€œDesperate Scousewives,” which followed the lives of women in Liverpool.
  3. Personal Life: Amanda Harrington has had a presence in the media due to her personal life, relationships, and public appearances.
  4. Tanning Business: In addition to her work in modeling and reality TV, Amanda Harrington has launched her own tanning product line called β€œAmanda Harrington London.” She is known for her expertise in achieving a natural-looking tan and has shared her tanning tips and techniques.