Women reproductive health

Today’s woman is apparently known for its presence either in the house or at its office workplace promising its influence at both the places. As such it is very important that women health or say women reproductive health is of prime consideration due to rising female death rate due to unwanted pregnancies and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Women health reproductive is primarily concerned with health activities like contraception, fertility, infertility and other sexually transmitted diseases. Here contraception by way of pills, condoms, diaphragm, intrauterine, vasectomy is important way to avoid unintended pregnancies and other hormonal diseases.

Fertility is the ability to conceive either through sexual intercourse or by way of test tube culture whereas infertility is whereby a woman is unable to conceive. Infertility occurs mostly due to factors such as irregular menstrual cycles, painful sexual intercourse, miscarriage or any chronic disability. Sometimes women feel pain in their vulva leading to burning, stinging or irritation in their genitals which is termed as Vulvodynia. Another gynecological disease frequently prevailing is Endometriosis. It happens usually in the reproductive years of a woman whereby the womb sheds during menstruation and leads to internal bleeding, infection and internal injury.

Some of the common sexually transmitted diseases found among women are Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis and HIV. Women are entitled to various reproductive rights whereby they have the right to knowledge to sexuality and reproduction, right to go for family planning, opt for programs that reduce women infertility and mortality rate, access to safe, affordable abortion techniques in addition to post and pre marriage counseling. Most prominently they are eligible to stop forced sterilization and get right nutrition during the pregnancy period.

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