Who Else Wants To Have A Simple Healthful Breakfast

Many people tend to skip breakfast. They think that breakfast is useless. And, they are wrong.

Breakfast speeds your metabolism. With your metabolism working your body is able to burn more fat during the day. This is a great benefit for those trying to lose weight.

Some people call a cup of coffee their breakfast. Well, it could be their breakfast but it’s not the healthy breakfast we are talking about.

Here are some samples of a healthy breakfast:

β€’ Brown Rice

Get yourself a plate of brown rice. Not only it contains vitamin Bβ€”the source of energyβ€”, but it also is the source of fiber. You can eat it with some low cholesterol food such as fish, fat-free meat and vegetables.

β€’ Strawberry

A cup of strawberry three times a week will do you good. It contains vitamin C and antioxidant which is good for your health. Or, mix it with other kinds of berries for a change.

β€’ Chamomile Tea

Get a cup of chamomile tea. This herbal tea can help you feel calmer and reduce your stress.

β€’ Show a little respect

Basically, old people need to be respected. If you show just a little bit of disrespect, they would feel deeply disappointed. Try to avoid that. If your hurt them, how can you make friend with them?

β€’ Fruit Smoothie

Put in a cup of banana and strawberry into your juicer, and then add a glass of ice. Within a while, you get your healthful breakfast. If you put in plain yoghurt, you have just added calcium into your healthful breakfast.

β€’ Orange Juice

One to three glasses of orange juice can help you get more vitamin C and lower your cholesterol level. A research shows that three glasses of orange juice a day for four weeks can enhance HDL (good cholesterol) until 21%.

Isn’t it easy to be healthy?