Cellular Phones Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Many people are using cellular phones nowadays because of the added convenience that it offers when it comes to communication. I have to admit that I even get disoriented when I accidentally leave my cellular phone every time I go out of the house to go someplace else. I feel troubled because I hate missing on important calls and messages. But who would have thought that these compact and handy devices pose dangerous side effects to our wellbeing.

It seems that there are certain studies indicating that the use of these mobile devices can be detrimental to our health especially to the children. These discoveries have been studied upon by health experts to warn us of the harmful effects that these cell phones have on our health.

Cellular phones give out electromagnetic signals or radio frequencies (RF) similar to that in microwave ovens. Scientists have discovered that these transmissions damage the cells in our bodies. Cellular phone radiation can somehow permit unsafe toxins and proteins to pass through the barrier between the blood and the brain.

Other studies indicate that the use of cellular phones decreases the ability to concentrate and calculate. It even causes damage to parts of the brain that are responsible for learning and memory. It has been found that children who are exposed to usage of mobile phones or living near areas where there are cell phone towers are most likely to be not doing well in school. This is because cell phone transmissions interrupt learning and memory. It causes one to easily forget and get confused.

It has also been believed that exposure to such frequencies can actually cause permanent brain damage in the long run. The children’s nervous systems are still developing and they are the ones most susceptible to these radiations. Hands free sets are even more damaging because they seem to discharge more brainwave interference compared to ordinary handhelds. There are even studies indicating indirect linkages on the use of cellular phones to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and even cancer.

But despite these findings, the population of cellular phone users continues to grow by millions every single year. It is evident by the fact that companies are continuing to provide new innovations to better serve the user’s needs. With regards to the health hazards that it poses, it is up to you to weigh which is more important, the convenience it offers or the inconvenience of contracting a disease.