Buying Low Cost Health Insurance

There are many ways you can save on the cost of your health insurance but first you have to take into account the cover you want and if you are going to be taking individual cover or whether you are taking cover for the whole family.

The cost of health insurance can vary greatly depending on the amount of coverage you need, if you were take all the options available in private health insurance then the premium would be astronomical and something which very few people can afford to do. Fortunately however, you can get good coverage for a decent premium by shopping around and following these tips.

Always check the policy because it might include things which you don’t need, for instance if you are a single man and a policy includes costs for pregnancy then this obviously won’t be needed. While this might seem like common sense, it is surprising how many people don’t look into what is in the policy they are buying. So always look into the different packages that are available.

If you are considering the lowest cost health insurance then look into purchasing a policy that only covers major illnesses. Limited cover is one of the cheapest ways to buy private cover but take into account that minor illnesses and accidents will not be covered.

You can keep the cost of the premium down if you offer to pay a higher excess. All policies will require that you pay something towards the cost of treatment before the insurance will kick in, this can start from something as low as Β£100. You could offer to share a percentage of the cost which will also bring the premium down that you will have to pay.

While most people take out private insurance to beat the waiting lists that the NHS are noted for, it can help to bring your premium down if you choose to have a waiting period. For instance, you could choose a waiting period of 6 weeks and if during this time you can be seen on the NHS then all well and good, if not then you go privately.